Social Media


Recently I have been asked quite a bit whether I have any Social Media so I decided to dedicate a page on my blog to it! Currently, I only have two social media accounts and those are Twitter and Instagram! Click on those two words and they will take you directly there! I am fairly new to Social Media so I am still finding my way but I really adore the community and all the lovely readers I have talked with through it! So please, message me on there and we can talk; I am very much a people person so meeting new people is always so exciting to me!

In this post, I have attached a few screenshots from my Instagram. This is to give you a taste of what my Instagram is like and what my personality is like too. As I am sure you can tell I am pink and vintage obsessed. I adore the traditional way of life, I adore vintage glamour, astronomy, architecture, movies and of course literature! I adore all things beautiful. Although, I am married to a Marine after all so I to adore MMA, (UFC is my favourite fighting company and Robbie Lawler and the Diaz brothers are my favourite fighters!) and I adore all kinds of Marvel/DC movies and of course I love Star Wars and Star Trek!

Once again my Instagram is (currently unavailable) and my Twitter is (currently unavailable). I look forward to seeing all of you lovely readers there! Thank you so much again for reading!

Goodbye for now book lovers,