Book Review

Reading is my passion and I love the art of literature and the written word. What do I love more than reading books? Reviewing them! I adore reviewing books and am happy to review your book whether you are a self-published author or a published author. Recently I have adored reviewing self-published novels. There are so many wonderful self-published books out there but the big name publishers won’t give them the time of day and that is so incredibly sad to me. If you are an independent author reading this then please, keep going! Never stop or give up on your dream of becoming a published/successful author. Look at Andy Weir the author of The Martian; He never gave up and he has made a pretty penny. My point is never give up on your dream. So please, if you would love for me to review your novel then please do email me at : EMAIL CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Thank you so much again for reading and for stopping by my blog! Please do email me at the above address and we can discuss me writing a book review for you!

Goodbye for now book lovers,