Tikopia, Rachel Wright

Louisa Clayman is not your typical twenty-eight-year-old Londoner. She is the wealthy CEO of Clayman Security, a large international security provider that she runs with her two brothers. 
She is also Crail, a paid assassin.  

Advertising on the Dark Web and taking payment through Bitcoin, the siblings carry out emotionless high-profile assassinations. With skilled teamwork, they cover their tracks flawlessly. They never ask questions. They make a fortune. 
When Louisa meets Rikard, a celebrity Internet gamer, she unwittingly puts her identity and business as Crail on the line. What starts out as an innocent flirtatious connection soon develops into a steamy relationship, and Rikard goes with Louisa to Tikopia on holiday.  

Although Rikard is charmed by Louisa, his best friend isn’t. Protective of Rikard but distrusting and suspicious of Louisa, Markus begins stalking her online to find out just who she really is. Louisa’s brother Jack who is a skilled hacker retaliates and the result is worse than they could ever imagine. When he puts their secret island hideaway into cyber-lockdown, the drug fueled party lifestyle on Tikopia is lost to panic as their paranoia spirals out of control, triggering a chain of events that will change everything. 

Tikopia is an adrenaline packed novel that entertained me from beginning to end. The high-paced thriller kept me on the edge of my seat and never once did this tension let up; as well as this novel being fast paced, it is also brilliantly executed and crafted, the story is elegant but thrilling at the same time and this is one of the many reasons why I adore this novel so much! It has everything I wanted from a thriller/suspense novel and so much more, it is truly a work of perfect fiction and I am so excited to let all of you wonderful readers know about it! 

Tikopia is an intriguing thriller that follows the novels, incredible protagonist, Louisa Clayman; Louisa is an ambitious, young woman who is driven and determined to succeed and this is evident when the reader learns early on in the novel that Louisa owns a successful and wildly popular internet security business which allows customers to monitor people they choose to from the comfort of their cell phone devices. However, there is much more to this novel than this as this novel is not clean cut, instead, it has many intriguing plot avenues that make Tikopia overall an incredible, unforgettable journey. Louisa may at first appear to be the sweet woman but instead, she is a deadly assassin of the Dark Web known as Crail. Louisa has experience in many fields and one of those fields is the medical field… Louisa’s medical training means that she is able to commit crimes without anybody ever knowing she was the culprit as her medical training means that she can make somebody look as if they have had a heart attack… she is a woman not to be messed with and that is why her services are sought after by anyone and everyone. At this point in my synopsis I think I am going to not write any more about the plot of the novel, I was just about to write more about the main and central plot avenue but personally I believe knowing about it would spoil it for you lovely readers so all I am going to say is what I have written in this chapter and that Tikopia is a fascinating, thrilling, exciting read that will keep you awake reading for many nights!  

The story of Tikopia is an intriguing one, it is a unique novel with a unique premise and plot and let’s not forget some very unique characters… for example, Louisa. Louisa is a CEO of her own company but also a secret assassin, I mean, come on! How incredibly brilliant is this already?! It is plot devices and characters like this that kept me turning the pages briskly; The mystery combined with this and entwined in this is thrilling and fascinating and it truly makes for a gripping read.  

Tikopia is a fast-paced thriller that captures the reader’s attention and imagination from page one; it is an addictive read that compels the reader to keep turning the pages no matter the hour of the day and this is all thanks to the novels magnificent writer, Rachel Wright. Wright is a newly discovered author of mine and I was so happy that I did discover her and her wonderful work, her writing is imaginative and bold and let’s not forget thrilling. Even when Wright writes about internet terms it is thrilling and in no way confusing, this for me shows how capable she is and just how talented of a writer she is. She poses some real moral questions throughout her book too, what questions? You will have to read the novel to find out but this novel as a whole for me was extremely thought-provoking.  

As well as the author of the novel writing an incredible story, she has also wonderfully created some well-developed, memorable characters. Without these characters, especially the novel’s protagonist Louisa, I would find this novel to be not so great… Louisa electrified this novel and made it whole so I really do admire Wright for building an exceptional, unforgettable world and exceptional, memorable characters that both capture the reader’s imagination perfectly and beautifully.  

To conclude my thoughts on Tikopia, I would say if you are looking for an entertaining, thrilling, exciting, edge of your seat read then you will adore Tikopia, this wonderful novel gets Five Stars from me! 

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! Please do comment below and let me know your thoughts about this wonderful novel, do you see yourself reading it? Let me know below! Thank you so much for reading I really appreciate it!   

Goodbye for now book lovers,   

P.S. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! If you have loved what you have read and want to buy the wonderful novel then you can click the buy on Amazon button and it will take you straight to Amazon U.K.! If you are international then click the Amazon USA link underneath it! Thank you so much again for reading!

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