Prelude to Destiny: Awakening, Fairwren Faust

Fairwren2-72dpi-1500x2000 (3).jpgRhea and Cynthia Evers are teenage sisters who have been shielded from the truth their entire lives. After their mother is killed in what appeared to be a robbery gone wrong, Rhea, the elder, discovers a chest full of secrets hidden away in her parents’ closet. The chest makes her think back to the night their mother died and how strange her mother had acted. Why would their mother hide mysterious leather bound spell books, odd charms, and strange pouches full of unfamiliar objects and heady aromas in her closet? And then there is the ring that Mom gave her before she died. Did she know something terrible was going to happen to her? What other secrets would be unearthed?

Prelude to Destiny: Awakening, is a fascinating, intriguing read that captivated me from beginning to end. This story is a story about magic, family and discovering yourself; all of these themes combined make the perfect combination, that is why this novel was so exceptional for me… besides, the author of the novel managed to entertain me from beginning to end so how can I not find this novel to be exceptional! Already I would tell you wonderful readers that this novel needs to be read and I implore all of you lovely readers to pick this novel up and read it

Prelude to Destiny: Awakening, is a unique, original, fascinating story that is unlike any fantasy book I have read in a long time. This novel feels special… different and because of this, it has made me fall in love with this wonderful piece of literature even more. Prelude to Destiny follows the novel’s protagonists Rhea and Cynthia and Rhea and Cynthia happen to be sisters. Rhea and Cynthia, however, are not your average day teenage sisters because after learning the death of their mother who sadly passed away they discover that, just like their mother, they are witches. Now, can we please just quickly appreciate how incredible this is, I adore reading books about witches and especially books about people discovering they are witches so already at this point in the book I was hooked! The reader of the novel is then taken on a sprawling adventure as Rhea and Cynthia come to grips with their new witch status. The novel especially gets interesting when the reader discovers that the eldest sister, Rhea, has inherited a powerful, magical ring from her mother and that this ring is being hunted by dangerous, evil witches and this is the point in the novel where this book gets really exciting!

Prelude to Destiny: Awakening, not only takes the reader on a dangerous, thrilling journey as the two sisters try to escape the clutches of the evil witches but it also takes the reader on their journey of self-discovery as Rhea and Cynthia discover and harness their magical abilities and powers as they learn to accept and control them. As well as this the novel also features some prominent and beautiful themes such as love, loyalty and friendship and all of these themes are explored beautifully in this novel.

If you are looking for a brilliant, exceptional, entertaining read then Prelude to Destiny: Awakening is the novel for you as it those three things and so much more. The novel has a swift and streamlined plot that captivates the reader from beginning to end and as well as this the novel has an incredible premise that features witches, both good and bad. I have to say again that I really did adore this factor and the witches aspect was made even more perfect thanks to the author of the novel’s incredible version of them.

The novel’s author, Fairwren Faust has written a wonderful, fantasy read that is perfect for anybody that adores fantasy and the occult. Fairwren Faust is an exceptional and imaginative writer and this was apparent to me from very early on, I knew this when I got only a few pages in because already at that point in the book I was entertained and enthralled and I knew that was not going to change and it did not! I truly was entertained from beginning to end thanks to the authors incredible writing but also the many twists and turns she included to keep her reader entertained. As well as the premise of this novel and the writing magnificent so were the characters… particularly Rhea and Cynthia. I really adored how Faust explored a sister relationship and the bond that relationship holds; this was really beautiful and poignant to read and made me think and reflect on my own sisterly relationship with my sisters so I really did adore how Faust included this in her wonderful book.

To summarise my thoughts on Prelude to Destiny: Awakening, I would say if you adore fantasy novels that include witches, as well as incredible characters and exciting, thrilling, action packed moments then you will adore Prelude to Destiny: Awakening! This enchanting novel gets Four Stars from me!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! Please do comment below and let me know your thoughts about this wonderful novel, do you see yourself reading it? Let me know below! Thank you so much for reading I really appreciate it!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

P.S. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! If you have loved what you have read and want to buy the wonderful novel then you can click the buy on Amazon button and it will take you straight to Amazon U.K.! If you are international then click the Amazon USA link underneath it! Thank you so much again for reading!

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