Rise of Princes, Janell Rhiannon

The Iliad and the Odyssey and a canon of Greek mythology meet in this epic retelling of the Trojan War.

After the heartbreaking sacrifice at Aulis, the western Greeks unite to plunder Troy and recapture Menelaus’ wife, Helen. For nine years Agamemnon and his horde lay siege to Trojan allies, but it is Achilles, the Golden Warrior, who brutally ravages the Troad lands becoming the Sacker of Cities. His fierce onslaught prompts the gods to intervene on behalf of the Trojans and their allies. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty and patroness of Troy, sends the Princess Briseis to calm the bloody fury of Achilles.

Hektor, the Golden Prince, leads the Trojan army against the western invaders, keeping Troy safe behind the Great Wall. As Defender of the Citadel, he grants sanctuary to thousands of refugees seeking safety from the death and destruction sweeping the land. Behind the solidarity of the royal family, tensions over the continued presence of Helen of Sparta threaten to topple the empire. When the fate of Troy appears most grim, a ray of hope is offered by a new prophesy. Despite his private losses, Hektor vows to remain the strength his people need.

Across the Aegean, the Greek kingdoms struggle with disturbing news from Troy. Queen Clytemnestra of Mycenae, reeling from Agamemnon’s ruthless betrayal, loses faith in the gods and plots her revenge. Queen Penelope of Ithaka, young and uncertain, prays to Athena for her husband’s swift return. And Tyndareus, the former king of Sparta, works to usurp Menelaus’ throne.

Trojans and Greeks face heartbreak as the war, sparked by the vanity and greed of men, continues with no end in sight.

The HOMERIC CHRONICLES blends history and myth and will satisfy your love of Greek mythology, while paying homage to the original storyteller, Homer.

Rise of Princes is a stellar novel that has captivated me and stolen my heart; it is an epic, fantasy Mythology tale about a story that has captivated me ever since I was a young girl. I am sure many of you know this by now but I adore Greek Mythology so much! I have many favorite Greek Mythological stories, for example, I love the story of Persephone and Hades and also the lesser known story of Pygmalion and Galatea, however, Homer’s Iliad and his tale of The Trojan War will always remain a favorite of mine. So when I discovered this novel and read that it is a retelling of the Trojan War I was sold!

I have to say at this point that this is a sequel in The Homeric Chronicles, I did not know this when I started reading this book, however! You could easily read this book first because at the beginning there is a prologue to the first novel and its happenings. However, I have adored this novel so much that I definitely will be buying the first book and I actually saw online that the author gives away the first book if you sign up to her newsletter! At this point in my review I would usually talk about what this story is about but by now all of you know that it is a retelling of the Trojan War and the synopsis above does a pretty amazing job of explaining what the novel is about so I will skip that part and go straight into why I loved this novel so much!

Our story is a detailed, engaging and a thrilling piece of literature. It is a novel that will make you want to devour it in one sitting; every chapter is excellently well thought out and wrote superbly that when you get to the end of a chapter you can’t help but want to read ‘just one more!’. It is an epic tale full of dark intrigue, fascinating characters, and many stunning battle scenes. However this novel is much more than this, it is also an intimate look into a story which has been loved for centuries and many parts were very emotional and dare I say this but I actually cried at one point which is extremely rare for me considering I am such a hardened reader!

Our author Janell Rhiannon has astounded me with her incredible but also her beautiful writing. Her writing was a breath of fresh air for me and I adored how she managed to take a much-loved story and breathe new life into it. Her writing was so magnificent to me that I could vividly imagine all of the battles, the location and all of the characters perfectly in my mind. It was almost like a movie extravaganza was happening in my head!

People love the story of the Trojan War not only for its captivating story but also its characters. I am so happy to write that the characters in this novel are rich and beautifully layered with incredible back stories. Of course, I adored Achilles, I did in the original story and I also did in this one. Agamemnon is a character I hate to love and Clytemnestra is a woman that tugged at my heart strings always! There are many characters in this novel, not just the main ones from the original story and they all play a huge part in making this one of the best Greek Mythology novels I have ever read. I am completely in love with this novel, its characters, and their journey and future so now I am just eagerly waiting for book three to come out!

To conclude my thoughts on this novel, if you adore Greek Mythology then, of course, you will love it but even if you don’t, it is still a wonderful novel full of epic battles, love, loss and revenge and it is the perfect read for anybody who is looking for a fun, enjoyable, unforgettable read! This incredible novel gets Five Stars from me.

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much. Please do comment below I would love to hear all of your thoughts! Do you love Mythology and if so what are your favorite Mythological tales? Could you see yourself reading this novel? Let me know below! Thank you so much again for reading, I truly appreciate all of you so much!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

P.S. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! If you have loved what you have read and want to buy the wonderful novel then you can click the buy on Amazon button and it will take you straight to Amazon U.K.! If you are international then click the Amazon USA link underneath it! Thank you so much again for reading!

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65 thoughts on “Rise of Princes, Janell Rhiannon

      1. I’d like to, but I already have so many books to read. And I don’t have the book yet. 😂 But I will definitely read it, I added it to my list. 😉


      2. My favourite goddess is Persephone, so I love the stories surrounding her (though there are not many…). She’s mostly remembered for being kidnapped by Hades, but the interesting thing is that Ancient Greeks actually feared her more than they feared Hades. So some people assume she actually wanted to become the queen of the underworld. It’s interesting to speculate. XD And I actually really like the stories about the Troyan War. It can be seen from so many different perspectives, and it’s always interesting. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hades is portrayed wrongly by people. Everybody thinks he is evil but he actually isn’t. The underworld was not seen as hell all that much, it was just a different realm. Just like Zeus took the skies, Poseidon the sea and Hades the underworld. My point is though that I believe that Persephone actually grew to love Hades and that she actually didn’t want to leave.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. It is so sad though that there are many stories of her. I wish their was! I hate how their aren’t too many stories about Hades also. I actually think it is very strange how their is hardly no art of him also. It just makes you think, was their somebody real like him? Because all the old artists said that he could never be painted because he is never seen because he lives in the underworld and the famous statue of him and Persephone was actually when he kidnapped her on earth. So who knows! It makes you think though. So sorry for my ramblings!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Yes, I completely agree. People usually think Hades was similar to the Devil, but that’s not true. And I wish there were more stories about him… Glad we think the same! 😊 Also, Zeus did much, much worse things than Hades…


      6. I think it is so funny how everybody thought Aphrodite was a sweetheart but she actually was pretty evil. She tortured a poor woman when she tried to get with her lover and she cheated on her husband with her brother Ares all the time! She really was not perfect, as were the others. I just adore their stories though (:

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Haha they really were. Ares is another misunderstood God. Everybody thinks he was pure evil and sure, he wore the skin of his enemies occasionally but he was actually just very battle smart and he knows how to win a war. I like Ares (:

        Liked by 2 people

      8. No, but that sounds interesting too! Medea is a very interesting character. Also, I forgot to mention Medusa, she’s very interesting as well. She’s considered a monster, but her story is also quite tragic.


  1. I’ve now got a fascination with mythology although I really don’t know much yet. I haven’t read The Illiad yet though I recently bought it. I’ve read The Odyssey first and loved the whole story. This book sounds so appealing and your wonderful review just makes me want to go buy it. 🙂


    1. You don’t have to read The Iliad to know much about it, that is just a piece of literature (although I believe some of its events were true) so I would just recommend googling Greek mythology stories and to read some from a great website or pick a book, they have some great cheap ones!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I confess I bought The Iliad (and The Odyssey) penguin edition which is written like a story rather than a poem, made it easier to grasp the story but thank you I’ll certainly be looking up more about Greek Mythology. I enjoy mythology of all kinds 🙂


      2. Norse is one I’m very interested in as well as Egyptian though I really don’t know much about it, I’m just a fan of Ancient Egypt and that culture from back then :).


  2. You are a magnificent writer! Thank you so much for posting what you post! I hope to find some readers for my words! I’m new to the site and have so many journals and notebooks filled with words I think deserve to be read. If you wouldn’t mind taken a glance I would very much appreciate it! Constructive criticism is how I grow as an aspiring writer! I hope you have a wonderful day/night!


  3. How interesting. I love reading new takes on Greek mythology as well, but I would never usually have been attracted to this book as its cover makes it look very much like a romance novel (not a genre I’m particularly fond of). But you’ve made it sound very appealing… I might have to try the first in the series and see how I get on with it. It’s always very hard to resist a Troy story… Thanks for bringing these to my attention!


  4. I love Greek mythology so this sounds like a great series for me! I am always up for retellings, too. I read Song of Achilles which was a retelling as well, and liked it, so adding this to my TBR as well 🙂


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