The Terra Debacle, Marcha Fox

It’s May 1978 and a normal night at Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah–until a bogey shows up in their air space. It gets even stranger when the UFO requests permission to land. It changes its mind, but by then F-16s escort it to the ground. A human girl in her early teens and a robot exit the craft, a strange botanical lifeform found onboard later that night by a USAF landing party. The vehicle, robot, and the strange plant are impounded and subsequently sent to Area 51. 
NASA astrobiologist, Gabriel Greenley, is called in to study this new lifeform that at first appears similar to a botanical species known as oxalis. As a psi-sensitive, Greenley quickly learns the specimen is highly intelligent and potentially dangerous when he attempts to take a leaf sample. He backs off, frustrated, desperate to investigate the scientific details of this new botanical species that combines intelligence with a metabolism based on photosynthesis. Meanwhile, the specimen, a flora peda telepathis named Thyron from the planet Sapphira, is investigating his new environment through all frequencies of the electro-magnetic spectrum as well as his suite of psychic abilities that includes remote viewing. 
Greenley eventually gets his leaf sample and makes a ground-breaking discovery that he can never share, due to his security oaths and research agreement at this Top Secret facility. Eventually, however, he’s confronted by an ethical dilemma that forces him to make a treasonous and potentially deadly decision. 

The Terra Debacle is a unique novel that is in the genre of hard science fiction. I have read a lot of science fiction over the years but none have been as detailed as this wonderful novel, to be honest, I did not know that science fiction novels could be this dense and rich so you can imagine my amazement when I read this brilliant novel! It is a story that is full of detailed science and the great intrigue wrote throughout it will hook the reader from beginning to end all whilst the suspense enthrals you. It is a dark tale full of mystery that will engross you in a compelling, exceptionally built world which is full of glorious, unimaginable wonders and to top this off this happens all whilst the reader is taken through unexpected plot twists and many shocking moments. Here is a little bit more about this enchanting novel.

The Terra Debacle takes place in the late 1970’s in Utah and then Nevada. On the date, May 30th, 1979 an unidentified ship crash lands in Utah at the Hill Air Force Base and the ship is soon impounded and taken to Area 51 in Nevada – by the people who run the operation. On the unidentified, unusual ship is three passengers; one is a girl named Aggie who is a robot designed for agricultural duties, another is a person named Thyron and lastly, a telepathic walking plant and all are soon taken into custody.

This is the point in the novel where we are introduced to Dr Gabriel Greenley who is an astrobiologist who specialises in botany. Gabriel has been called in to study the unique characteristics of Thyron – the walking, talking plant. Over time through their exchanges, they become close friends and soon they even start to exchange their views telepathically. This is all whilst Gabriel starts to discover many wondrous things about Thyron and his biological makeup which could change many things. Thyron, however, does not like his new home and once he starts to grasp knowledge about Area 51 and its inhabitants he soon hatches a plan to escape from. Will Thyron be able to escape? Read this novel to find out!

The Terra Debacle is an intriguing story with a strong plot that takes the reader on a beautiful, charming journey. The novel’s author Marcha Fox has managed to include incredible back stories of Dr Greenley and even the thoughts of the part animal part plant Thyron; Both of their thoughts and feelings intrigue the reader and compel them to read until the very end and with the added literary prowess of Fox it makes it an even more enchanting novel.

Marcha Fox’s writing is gripping and intriguing, her story may be hard science fiction but in no way is it ever confusing and I am thankful for this because a story as detailed as this one has the potential to be confusing however it is not so thankfully our author managed to write this book wonderfully! At first, it may take the reader a short while to learn the names of the characters but once the reader does this the novel flows perfectly! The Terra Debacle is a brilliant story that is extremely well written, it also has great character development which makes you immersed in the novel. One thing I really admired about the author besides her incredible passion for all things space, UFO’s and so much more was how much research she had included in her wondrous novel; the research was profound and convincing and made me fall in love with the novel even more.

To summarise my thoughts on this intriguing story I would say if you adore anything to do with space, UFO’s Area 51, NASA and all those wonderful brilliant things then you will adore this novel! This wonderful novel gets Four Stars from me!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! Please do comment below and let me know your thoughts about this wonderful novel, do you see yourself reading it? Let me know below! Thank you so much for reading I really appreciate it!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

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