Defying the Odds, David V. Day

The true story of one Engineer’s battle with one of the most powerful state agencies in Texas. David V. Day, P.E., takes on the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) in a battle that has lasted nearly half a decade, and is still ongoing as of this print. Day exposes the lengths that TDI Engineers, inspectors, and legal staff will go to punish any Engineer or contractor who disagrees with them; including punishing, silencing or terminating their own employees who are sympathetic to TDI’s targets.

It is a story filled with so many twists, larger-than-life characters, intrigue, and shady government officials; you will believe you are reading an espionage thriller. It is a remarkable story of defying the odds, something Day has done all his life. From the circumstances of his birth, to the chance meeting of his wife, to taking on the largest state agency in Texas, and even miraculously surviving a vehicle rollover with his family; an event that inspired him to tell his story.

Day takes on real life villains, exposing incompetence and corruption at the highest levels of the state government and courts. He does this with the help of two experienced attorneys and numerous engineers who have faced similar persecution from TDI. A must read for anyone who has ever struggled against corruption or had a bad experience with their insurance company, permit office or any unaccountable bureaucrat. All licensed professionals need to read this.

Defying the Odds is one of the most shocking, unbelievable non-fictional stories I have read in a long time. This book has chilled me to my core and as I write this I am dumbfounded by the power this book has over me. As I am speechless as I write this I am going to start to tell you lovely readers what this wonderful book is about.

This book is a book about corruption, deceit and the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). It is a story that will shock, appal and surprise you and open your eyes to the corruption in this world. To explain briefly what this novel is about it is about the TDI and how they mistreat their employees essentially. It is a remarkable story that I am pleased that has been written and it comes from somebody who experiences all of this first hand and this is his memoir about everything to do with this subject and it makes for a fascinating, chilling read.

Our author David V Day has done a superb job at bringing this story to light and to let all the clueless people out there know all about it in simple terms and phrases… in other words this book is not confusing and the author brilliantly simplifies everything for the reader so anybody can read this, not just licensed professionals. I really admired this about Day’s writing as he is making a book accessible for everyone and that is really lovely to me. Day in my opinion is a trooper and he is extremely brave to have wrote this book to expose the corruption in Texas. It may be a memoir but do not let this fool you as it reads like a novel, some points are so shocking that you actually think “wow is this fiction because this cannot be true” but it truly is! Do not let the fact that it is a memoir fool you into thinking it will be slow and boring because it is the opposite and Day has wrote an intriguing, fast-paced book from beginning to end and in my opinion everybody should read this as everybody needs to be informed about these happenings.

This book at times can be extremely hard to read… this is because the nature of it is so shocking and you feel that you should not be reading such things. It is like witnessing something terrible and wanting to look away but you can’t because you want to know what is happening and you want to help. I am not quite sure if this makes sense but it is a gripping read and yes, at times the novel will be difficult to read because of its nature but it should be read and it really is an unbelievable account of a corrupted government agency.

To summarise my thoughts on Defying the Odds if you are looking for a story which is not your usual read but you are willing to try something new and something that will shock and intrigue you at the same time then this novel is definitely for you! This wonderful book gets Four Stars from me!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! Please do comment below and let me know your thoughts about this wonderful novel, do you see yourself reading it? Let me know below! Thank you so much for reading I really appreciate it!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

P.S. Here is a link of the book for all of you lovely readers to have a look at! If you have loved what you have seen and want to buy the wonderful novel then you can buy it right through this link and if you are international then click the Amazon USA link underneath it! Thank you so much again for reading!

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